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Distributed Energy Resource Management

We're hiring

Help us lead the energy revolution...

In partnership with our parent company Octopus Energy Group we're on a mission to drive the global renewable energy revolution, and we need you to help us make our vision a reality.

Meet the team

Find out why people enjoy working at KrakenFlex.

Kate, Developer

Working at KrakenFlex ticks a lot of boxes for me. I get to use the latest technologies and have room for continuous improvement of my software developing skills.


I enjoy working with the team and see our people as our most valuable resource, it wouldn't be possible to achieve such ambitious goals without great team work. 

And finally I get to build a solution that is making the world a better place : )


Ilhan, Engineer

I joined KrakenFlex as a small start-up and have seen it grow into a market leader. It's been a pleasure being part of this journey and I am still motivated daily by the collaborative and respectful environment I work in.


Charlotte, Analyst

I’ve always been passionate about fighting the climate crisis and I wanted to help make an impact.  


KrakenFlex is at the forefront of reshaping the energy system to make it greener and cleaner for all consumers.


There are endless opportunities to be involved in creating innovative solutions and working collaboratively across teams to create a positive difference.

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