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Network Intelligence

We enable Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to gain greater insight, understanding and control of their grids through intelligent:

  • Fault detection

  • Power quality management 

  • Network DER Flexibility orchestration 


Fault detection

The challenge:


Grid monitoring is typically done at a single point: at the high-/medium-voltage main station feeding into the MV grid. After that, there is no insight into voltage and current. Traditionally, this was acceptable, as grid topology changes were rare. Today however, LV/MV grids are in a constant state of flux, driven by the energy transition. Greater insight is required.

Our solution:


LV monitoring for MV insight: KrakenFlex Gateway is installed at the grid edge on the LV side of the network. This enables precise voltage estimation and current measurement throughout the MV and LV grids, without the need for traditional MV measurement methods which are expensive to install, or to interrupt power supply to end-users.

Informed decision making: The KrakenFlex Platform provides visualisation of MV power flows to enable real-time decision making. What’s more, there is no need to use additional infrastructure to access information across the MV network.

KrakenFlex Power quality management

The challenge:


The DSO is responsible for ensuring a high-quality power supply to its customers. Power quality events can interrupt customer activities and even damage sensitive equipment and property. In such a scenario the utility must prove adequate quality of supply, or face fines and even legal action. How can utilities both reduce PQ problems and ease reporting?

Our solution:


Real time monitoring: KrakenFlex monitors grid status in real-time at all times, automatically sounding violation alarms for a PQ event. Even better – these insights can be used to anticipate PQ issues ahead of time and identify sensitive regions for attention..

Smarter reporting: KrakenFlex is certified as Class A for power quality management, and automatically generates EN50160 compliant reports to prove adequate power supply quality. What’s more, reports are generated for up to eight weeks in the past, enabling utilities to uncover real root causes, report easily and stop the problem recurring.

KrakenFlex Network DER Flexibility orchestration 

The challenge:


Managing voltages in response to new DER installations is too often a manual matter of upgrading transformers and cables, only to repeat the task as renewable uptake increases. KrakenFlex does it differently, giving grid-level control over DER based on real-time data.

Our solution:


Control: KrakenFlex combines best-in-class software with advanced cloud and hardware integrations to give direct visibility into the grid and DER control based on network constraints.

Proportional response: KrakenFlex's algorithms calculate and define different setpoints for the DER that respect the electrical grid limit and can automatically react on detection of a grid limit violation. 

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