The KrakenFlex 

The market leading Distributed Energy Resource Management System


The energy industry challenge...


The way the world manages energy is changing rapidly. We are in a period of transformation from power being generated by a small number of massive generation sources to hundreds, thousands, and eventually, millions of sources of energy distributed around the country, from solar and wind farms to electric vehicles and connected homes. 

Our electricity system now requires constant real-time changes in output and consumption from a huge number of small flexible generators and end consumers.


However, until now, existing technology has not been able to provide the data, integration, or digital capability to effectively manage this new landscape.

The KrakenFlex solution

Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)

Our real-time, deep tech software platform digitally controls generation, storage and demand side response Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). 

  • Agnostic – Connect to any device seamlessly

  • Fast – Sub-second response 

  • Scalable – Manage hundreds of thousands of devices real-time

  • Secure - Industry leading security protocol

  • Transparent -  Financial and physical performance reports across your fleet

  • Cost-effective – ‘Pay As You Use’ subscription model


Smart energy enablement

KrakenFlex can communicate with and control both legacy and modern Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at scale.


Kraken Flex_icons_Battery_derms.jpg
Kraken Flex_icons_Solo_Solar_derms.jpg
Solar (PV)
Heat pumps
Kraken Flex_icons_commercial_industrial_
Commercial & industrial
Kraken Flex_icons_Solo_HomeEV_derms.jpg
Home and Electric Vehicle (EV)
Kraken Flex_assetowner_renewables_icon_d
Virtual power plant (VPP)


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