KrakenFlex for 
Energy Retailers

The market leading Distributed Energy Resource Management System

Energy Retailers

Demand Side Response...

Commercial, industrial and residential energy users are increasingly demanding better, custom tariffs that fit for their requirements.

Through technological advancements, there is huge potential to 'flex' their distributed energy resources in real-time to vary their consumption matching it with lower prices and greener electricity.

KrakenFlex solution was developed to enable this and allows Energy Retailers to:

  • Control and optimise behind-the-meter distributed energy resources at any scale

  • Automate portfolio management

  • Automate ancillary services and trading

  • Manage imbalance 


The KrakenFlex solution

Energy flexibility enablement and management at any size and scale

Our real-time, deep tech software platform and hardware digitally controls energy generation, storage, renewables and demand side response.

  • Agnostic – Connect to any device seamlessly

  • Fast – Sub-second response and monitoring

  • Scalable – Manage thousands of devices real-time

  • Secure - Industry leading hardware and security protocol

  • Transparent - View financial and physical performance across your fleet

  • Cost-effective – ‘Pay As You Use’ subscription model


Smart energy enablement

KrakenFlex can communicate with and control both legacy and modern Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at scale.


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Solar (PV)
Heat pumps
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Commercial & industrial
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Home and Electric Vehicle (EV)
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Virtual power plant (VPP)


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