KrakenFlex for
System Operators

The market leading Distributed Energy Resource Management System

System Operators

Take Control...


System Operators (distribution or transmission) are having to manage a more complex and dynamic energy system than ever before. Providing transmission and distribution network operators real-time visibility and control of their assets, enables the smart grid of the future!

KrakenFlex allows System Operators to:

  • Digitize their grids

  • Provide real time data on asset performance

  • Automating responses

  • Reduce O&M costs


The KrakenFlex solution

Energy flexibility, enablement and management at any size and scale

Our real-time, deep tech software platform and hardware digitally controls energy generation, storage, renewables and demand side response.

  • Agnostic – Connect to any trader seamlessly

  • Fast – Sub-second response and monitoring

  • Scalable – Manage thousands of devices real-time

  • Secure - Utilising industry-leading hardware and security protocol

  • Transparent - Financial and physical performance across your fleet

  • Cost-effective –  OPEX subscription model


Smart energy enablement

KrakenFlex can communicate with and control both legacy and modern Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at scale.


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Solar (PV)
Heat pumps
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Commercial & industrial
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Home and Electric Vehicle (EV)
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Virtual power plant (VPP)


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