KrakenFlex for
Asset Owners

The market leading Distributed Energy Resource Management System

Asset Owners

Take Control...


Asset Owners are diversifying risk by partnering with multiple traders across their fleet. This creates complexity in the monitoring of financial and physical performance and the management of a distributed energy portfolio.

KrakenFlex allows Asset Owners to:

  • Access multiple traders digitally

  • Track financial performance

  • Track physical performance

  • Lower O&M management costs

  • Improve asset performance

  • Improve ROI


The KrakenFlex solution

Energy flexibility, enablement and management at any size and scale

Our real-time, deep tech software platform and hardware digitally controls energy generation, storage, renewables and demand side response.

  • Agnostic – Connect to any trader seamlessly

  • Fast – Sub-second response and monitoring

  • Scalable – Manage thousands of devices real-time

  • Secure - Utilising industry-leading hardware and security protocol

  • Transparent - Financial and physical performance across your fleet

  • Cost-effective –  OPEX subscription model


Smart energy enablement

KrakenFlex can communicate with and control both legacy and modern Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at scale.


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Solar (PV)
Heat pumps
Kraken Flex_icons_commercial_industrial_
Commercial & industrial
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Home and Electric Vehicle (EV)
Kraken Flex_assetowner_renewables_icon_d
Virtual power plant (VPP)


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