Who are we?

KrakenFlex Australia

Transforming the energy ecosystem - creating a new energy system, for a better world!

Australia's DER uptake continues to rise

With over 14GW of solar capacity installed behind the meter and residential batteries to cost half by 2030, Australia is leading the distributed energy resource (DER) market. 

With power demand forecasted to increase, but grid power demand set to decline, the importance of flexibility is rapidly increasing to stabilise the grid and match fluctuations in supply and demand.  

The importance of flexibility

This ability to flex generation assets, as well as shift demand profiles allows for a smarter and more dynamic grid - enabling more and more renewable energy!

KrakenFlex allows customers to digitally control and optimise DER to earn maximum value by enabling both ancillary and wholesale market trading activities. 

We control >1GW of DER, including: utility scale batteries, solar, wind, electric vehicles and enabling demand side response (DSR)